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CINEMA BEYOND is an independent media production company, based in Chicago, IL. Originally founded in 2002, CINEMA BEYOND has produced indie content across a broad range of platforms, from shorts to feature length, and competitions to festivals.

After a five year hiatus, we have become re-inspired by the state of the world as we've been witnessing it in 2016. We have our own opinions on some of these topics, but also felt that not enough people are "listening" to the other side. Even if you disagree, you need to at least try to understand from where people who disagree with you are coming.

In light of this societal imbalance, we've been working on a new project this year, a series of videos covering different social issues. The first three scripts have been written, and the first video we've produced, "Religious Freedom," is now available here.

We're looking to partner with other entities to produce more content on social justice topics in the hope of inspiring a conversation with all sides.

To contact us, and find out how we may be able to work together, please email Peter Dolan at [email protected].


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